Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ARCH1142 Week 1- Take Home Task

Tadao Ando- Church of Light

Church of Light net- the basis of the folding model

The images above show that the model has a black interior which was intentional to play with the light and shadow from the cross penetration on the facade of the building.

ARCH1142 Week 1- Class Task

Week 1 Class Task consisted of three tasks, the first one creating a simple house, the second one creating a different house with three openings and the last one merging the two earlier structures made. The end object is displayed in the above images.

ARCH1142 Workshop 4- Model it

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ARCH1142 Week 4- Final Submission

Initially the model was intended to be a book form in which it could be closed and open conventionally for viewing. However, it dawned on us that the book would read better, thus displayed better in an open book, where the book is extended to play with light and space.

ARCH1142 Week 3- Progress

Consisted of splitting the model in half, resulting in different but complementary representations of light, volume and organic form. The templates for the model was still being put together and photos of the resolved object will be posted soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ARCH1142 Week 2- Model Template & Resolved Image

The image above is the resolved image which is going to frame our idea of extending the exterior space. We intended to begin the model as if the existing tree is buried inside the building and excavating it with the guide of the template below. The template below has the areas of the image that we want to keep as a window to illuminate light and space within the model.

ARCH1142 Week 2- Storyboard and Progress Feedback Sheet

ARCH1142 Week 1- A3 Storyboard and Progress on Model

A3 Storyboard from Luen Samonte on Vimeo.

The images above display a mock-up cutting or carving techniques onto 2D planes in the attempt to create a 3D model within a book-like object. Some of the images display the play with light and volume as well as the 4d component of time, where remnants of the previous cuts are carried onto the next.

ARCH1142 Week 1- Initial Site Sketches and Photos

The two photos above record the focus of my pair's storyboarding project in which we have decided to reinterpret and represent the dark, dull and enclosed space of Goldstein Hall by aiming to add more light and volume. As a result, we are hoping to emphasise the expressive organic forms choked within the external space and in the process collaboratively represent our identity and thinking through the resolved object. The end result of this project is to produce a 3D model out of layers of 2D planes reversing the order of analysing architecture, i.e. working from a physical 3d space to 2D interpretation then a 3D object out of the 2D planes

ARCH1142 Workshop 5- Storyboarding Re-representing Representations


Hi to all!

Semester one of first year has now ended and so this calls to the end of blogging for ARCH1101- Design Studio 1, but it is not the end of my blogging at all. There is more to come from the new course ARCH1142- Architectural Communications, so stay tuned for some progress works and resolved projects!

P.S. I apologise if the blog entry title seems to scream at you, had to make a distinct line of progression between the two courses.