Sunday, March 20, 2011

ARCH1201 Resolved Presentation Drawings

The images below are my resolved submission drawings:

ARCH1201 Presentation Composition

Above is an image of how I plan to present my drawings, with plans, sections, elevations and axonometric to 1:100 scale and the analytical diagrams to 1:250 scale. This is of course with the exception that my resolved drawings will be on opaque paper.

ARCH1201 Finished Model

Below are images of the finished model:

Photos were taken by Patti Bai and Susan Koo.

ARCH1201 Model Dilemma & 2nd Attempt Progress

My group started model making on week 2 only to find out that we were modelling to the wrong scale. With this major mishap, we started the model again on Monday week 3 and worked with extra determination and commitment. By Tuesday afternoon we have finished model making half the house.

ARCH1201 Casa Antonio Siza Analytical Diagrams

The following are analytical drawings which I undertook after reading the resources listed from the previous post.

Relationship between the major parts of the house:

Attitude of the Architecture towards the landscape:

Circulation Strategy:

Structural Strategy:

ARCH1201 Casa Antonio Carlos Siza Resources

Since there isn't much information published about the house, I had to search for information regarding Siza's conceptual way of thinking and tackling issues regarding his architecture especially the 'house.' Below are the resources which I gathered information from:

Alvaro Siza Website, accessed 02/03/11
  • Alvaro Siza Private Houses
  • Moneo, Rafael (2004), Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies: in the work of eight contemporary architects, ACTAR, Barcelona, Spain, pg 228-231.
  • Cianchetta, Alessandra & Molteni, Enrico (2004), Alvaro Siza: Private Houses 1954-2004, Skira, Milano, Italy.
  • Nakamura, Toshio (1989), Alvaro Siza 1954-1988, A+U, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Fleck, Brigette (1995), Alvaro Siza, Spon, London & New York.
  • Peter Testa, Tradition and Actuality in the Antonio Carlos Siza House

Friday, March 18, 2011


The following posts are works from ARCH1201 course, all embodying and exploring the relationship between the house and the garden.