Friday, November 4, 2011

ARCH1202 Proposal

ARCH1202 Mapping





Building Heights & Site Conditions

Pedestrian Access & Noise

Building Zoning

Street Parking & Carparks

Vegetation & Industrial Cradle
(with property lines)

Vegetation & Industrial Cradle
(with contour lines)


The following posts are works from ARCH1202 course which involved producing a public library proposal that is intrinsically belonged to the Matraville community.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

ARCH1201 Project Three Final Submission

Site Plan & Section Cuts

Concept Plan & Section

Roof Plan

Lower Ground & Ground Floor Plan

Level 1 & 2 Floor Plan

Section AA & BB

Section CC & DD

1:100 Model

1:50 Section Model

ARCH1201 Week Five Progress

This week I managed to finish my 1:100 model and started finalising my drawings. The drawings still have a long way to go until it is resolved, so in the mean time I have started model making my 1:50 section model.

Below are images of my 1:100 model with the modification of my roof structure. I took on my tutor's advice to keep the roof structure uniform so that the form of the house keeps a strong contrast with the complex organisation of the interiors.

As a consequence of the one roof plane I have made a storage room on top of the family's bedrooms. This is to utilise the level above the bedrooms.

ARCH1201 Week Four Progress

This week I concentrated on my 1:100 model rather than finalising my drawings. Since my design is quite complex in its spatial organisation, I feel that by doing this I can see and understand with more clarity what I have to do to finalise my drawings. Below are the photos of the model, didn't quite finish it for studio this week only managed to do the lower two levels of the house and the above floor plates.

After a discussion with my tutor below are some points which asked me to consider:
  • Consider making the roof structure just one plane so as to give the illusion of the double house having a very simplistic form, but in reality contains a very complicated interior.
  • The jump from the gallery to the art collector's room is quite different from the other floor planes in the double house's program. Not so much a concern but in isolation from the others this is an anomaly. However, I do not want to disrupt the ceiling height of my sculpture gallery as I cannot provide a solid reason as to why my gallery has two different volume definitions, except for the fact that I want to keep the transition between floors in the houses consistent and uniform. I certainly don't want to have another Siza debacle, having an architecture feature which I cannot explain.
For next week's the agenda I am to produce the following:
  • Finalised set of plans- both floors and roof plans
  • 4 Finalised sections- 2 long and 2 short sections
  • Finalised elevations
  • 1:100 finalised model
  • Axonometric
  • Start on my 1:50 sectional model

ARCH1201 Week Three Progress

Below are the draft version of my plans as well as a quick section through the middle of the house.

Above is how I developed the scheme- first by generating a geometry then assigning the locations of the gardens

Below are photos of the parti model of my proposal.

From this week's consultation my tutor identified the following things to work on for next week:
  • wall definitions and its material make up- soften the strong geometry of the house
  • placement of windows
  • develop the communal garden so that it will accommodate exhibitions without interfering with the family backyard- somehow make it as articulated as the other spaces defined by the geometry